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May 29, 2019
A Photographic Diary: Green Lanes, Totternhoe

It was the first 4am alarm clock of the year, and I planned to head to the Nature Reserve at Totternhoe in a bid to shoot some butterflies. I was surprised at how thick the fog was when I got out of the village though. It almost made me reconsider my location, but I also fancied going somewhere I haven't spent much time, so headed to the Nature Reserve as planned. 

The lure of the foggy were too hard to resist though, and I did pull over once on the way to take this very simple image. I purposely shot it wide open, using the shallow depth of field to maximise the effect of the fog. 

After walking for nearly an hour, without taking a single picture, I considering going home. There isn't a huge amount to the landscape of Totternhoe, but it is well known for it's butterflies - if you can find them that is! I thought about heading to a different location, or even home, but instead I decided to just get the camera out and start shooting. I'm pleased I did.

Sticking with a single lens (Sigma 180mm f2.8) I decided to focus on some close up and detailed shots, with the odd wider composition thrown in, as I explored the Green Lanes of Totternhoe. 

I'm pleased that I decided to stay - sometime the simple act of getting the camera out of the bag and shooting is enough to get me motivated, even when you are initially disappointed with how the morning is going. 

I did manage to find one Butterfly in the end - a female Orange Tip. It was roosting on some grass, which was overhanging quite a big drop. This limited my options for compositions, but it was nice to have at least found one for the morning.